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AudioBT Plus

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*** TRIAL VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: ***Hear GPS directions or text message notifications while listening to radio/CD in your car. Uses SCO profile to route audio as phone call and automatically cut your music.
AudioBT is an application that unleashes the power of your in-car handsfree Bluetooth (BT) system or mono earpiece. It allows you to hear audio messages such as GPS turn-by-turn directions from Google Navigation, or SMS/texting application messages while you are listening to your regular radio station or music through your car stereo. This application temporarily routes audio messages from other applications to the Bluetooth incoming call audio channel, just like when an incoming call rings, interrupting your in-car audio momentarily. When the audio message is done playing, the system can return to its previous state.
Using the SCO proile instead of the A2DP profile for audio messages makes it possible to hear your messages while listening to any audio source in your car. It also works with any other Bluetooth headset device.
Works with Google Maps, Waze, Here Maps, Tomtom, Sygic, etc...
To use it, just start the AudioBT service and leave it running while using your regular GPS application. Enable the notification feature to hear notification from text applications (KitKat or above required).
Features:-Instantly turn on the incoming call channel when an application requests audio and turn it off after.-Embedded Xposed module allows setting of an audio delay to prevent clipping.-Tasker service intents are available for use in Tasker scripts.
Known limitations:-The first part of audio is cut. This can be prevented by using the included Xposed module (Audio delay setting)-This application will prevent other audio apps like the Music player from playing. For listening to Music on your headset, download BTMono instead.-Free version will stop routing audio after 5 messages.-Free version will not read text content of notifications.-Requires Android 4.0 and higher.